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Helsinki's Esplanade Park mall; Restaurant Kappeli to the right. Image looking toward South Harbor  Market Square and the Katajanokka neighborhood and Uspenski Cathedral.
The Northern Esplanade (Pohjoisesplanadi)  is to the left of the image, and the Southern Esplanade (Eteläesplanadi)  to the right. This is located in the center of Helsinki.
CLICK photo for a huge image with building information.

Esplanade Park, Finland, Helsinki


Helsinki Dome (Helsinki's Lutheran Cathedral) on the Senate Square, center of Helsinki:

Helsinki's Dome a.ka. Helsinki Cathedral sunset view from Sofia Street

Summer sunset light view of Helsinki Dome,overlooking the Senate Square as seen from historic Sofia Street. Restaurant Nuevo's Summer Patio, in the center of Sofia Street.

Helsinki Cathedral ("the Dome") on Helsinki's Senate Square, late October, 2003:

Beautiful sight: Helsinki Senate Square, Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki Dome, glowing in the night. View from Sofia Street, in Helsinki center.

Helsinki, view to Senate Square & the Dome from restaurant Nuevo's patio on Sofia Street.

Helsinki's South Harbor Market Square & Helsinki's famous Havis Amanda Fountain. Back in the day, the unveiling of this now

Havis Amanda statue at the Helsinki Market Square in the South Harbor. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2010 -

beloved statue, a.k.a. "Manta", caused quite a scandal and a stir. Building on left is the City Hall.
Click on photo for a larger, a bit different view.

Lovely, expanding views from Restaurant Savoy's Terrace over Esplanade park  & historic Helsinki center, with landmark buildings.

Late summer eve view of Helsinki historic center, over Esplanade Park to the Uspenski Cathedral in Katajanokka neighborhoood.

Fountain & historic Cafe-Restaurant Kappeli in Esplanade Park.

Fountain & historic Cafe-Restaurant Kappeli in Esplanade Park.

South Harbor Market Square & Helsinki City Hall.

Old card like image of the South Harbor Market Square and harbor pool. Overlooking the market, Helsinki City Hall. In the background, behind City Hall, the cupola of the Dome, located by historic Senaatintori - Senate Square. Click for a huge version of image.

Helenankatu1 Presidential Palace Uspenski Cathedral Aalto Building Panorama

We are at the end of North Esplanade and the South Harbor Market Square, looking at - from left - Helenankatu 1, the Presidential Palace, Bridge to Katajanokka, the Uspenski Cathedral and the Alvar
Aalto designed office building in front of it. The ferry to Suomenlinna Fortress Island(s) leaves from behind photographers back. Click image for a large view.


Get Helsinki tourist information at City of Helsinki official tourism web site or the Helsinki Tourist Office

More Helsinki information! Lots of great Helsinki information, both for travelers and Helsinki natives.

Finnish is a complex, beautiful language. For over 2,000 forms of the Finnish noun for "shop", click Professor Fred Karlsson.

Useful WORDS & PHRASES in English - Finnish

Info about Helsinki Weather


Tourism & leisure in Helsinki

If you are interestad in the HELSINKI CARD. In their own words "Helsinki Card is a city card with a number of benefits that will help you to discover and experience Helsinki plus save money, time and energy during your visit."

Selected Helsinki "Goodies" going on now. Courtesy of Helsnki City Museum.

Helsinki's Esplanade Park & North Esplanade. Left: Behind the statue of Runeberg, you can see the corner of the Kämp Hotel.
Esplanade Park, Runeberg statue. Kämp hotel. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2010 - Runeberg Statue in Esplanade Park in Helsinki Center, Finland Right photo: The Runeberg Statue. Click to enlarge.

Warmly recommended:
NORDIC ODDITY   "Nordic Oddity is a 24-hour-guide for open-minded individuals looking for unique experiences in Helsinki. Introducing the most interesting places and coolest happenings in the city." Information on "where to explore, enjoy and ease off - be it shopping, the extraordinary, luxuries, locals, urban legends or the vibrant nightlife one is after. It's like one's best friend from Helsinki guiding you through the multidimensional urban culture."

Farmer's Market at Helsinki's South Harbor Market Square. Click for large, wider image with building information:

Kauppatori South Harbor Market Square
North Esplanade, Helsinki center:
Helsinki center, North Esplanade and Fabianinkatu corner

Click on image for a much larger view. View: North Esplanade, looking toward Mannerheimintie (Mannerheim Street).

Location: corner of  Pohjoisesplanadi 25-27 (North Esplanade) and Fabianinkatu 12 (Fabian Street).

This Neo-Renaissance building, called the "Grönqvist building", was built in 1882 and designed by architect Theodor Höijer. The decorative facade was designed by sculptor Karl Magnus von Wright.

The Esplanade Park, which spans from Mannerheimintie Street all the way to the South Harbor Market Square, lies between the North Esplanade and the South Esplanade.

In the center of Helsinki blocks have names. This block is called "Yksisarvinen", "Unicorn".

The neighborhood is called "Kluuvi".

Uspenski Cathedral. Click for larger view. Historic Uspenski Cathedral, a landmark, in Katajanokka neighborhood.
Below: Finnish National Theater - Suomen Kansallisteatteri. Architect: Onni Tarjanne /1902. Style: National Romantic. Location: Central Railway Station Square. Click for larger view. National Theatre in Helsinki, Finland

The "Tori Quarters" - Tori Korttelit (old Helsinki Center)
("Tori" = Market square) are the historical center of Helsinki: The old town meets the new buzz of the city. Located close to the sea and the South and North Harbors, btwn the Market & Senate Squares, the Tori Quarters blend old and new. Popular area with bith locals and travelers.

Link to eateries and shopping, museums and other cool stuff in the area.

For information about Finnish cultural and historical items: THIS IS FINLAND. "Things you should and shouldn't know" about Finland.  :-)

IN HELSINKI, STREET SIGNS ARE IN FINNISH AND SWEDISH.The Finnish word for " street" is "katu".

Love design? Some places you might like while in Helsinki.

We do not want to scare you off, but check out: HELSINKI IN THE WINTER



Midnight, early July. Helsingin kaupungintalo - City Hall, Helsinki. City Hall, Helsinki Helsinki summer at its best. Warm & pretty. Click image for laerger version.



Öljysäiliö article   Silo 468 video   2nd Silo Video

Helsinki - New Horizons

A talented, award winning, New York based
FINNISH FILM EDITOR, working in 3 languages.

Check out LUX Helsinki. Cool stuff.

Various Helsinki brochures in PDF form

Havis Amanda Fountain. Click to enlarge.

Havis Amanda Statue fountain

Sightseeing trips - in various forms / to various places in Helsinki.

Esplanade Park and bandstand. Corner of Unioninkatu Street and North Esplanade hosts the Helsinki Tourist Info spot.
Kappeli Restaurant in Helsinki's Esplanade Park & the Park Bandshell, close to midnight, right after midsummer. Click to enlarge image. Kappeli Restaurant Esplanade Park & Bandshell, Helsinki Finland, midsummer night

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Helsinki Harbor around midnight in June. Footbridge from Katajanokka to the South Harbor Market Square. The small

Footbridge from Katajanokka to Market Square, midnight in June. The little cruise ship J.L.L.Runeberg in center. The buildings on Eteläranta in background, including Palace hotel. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2010 -

ship Runeberg makes day cruises to the old & quaint city of Porvoo.

Midnight view, seen from Meritullintori toward the South Harbor. On the left, outside the image Katajanokka, with historic warehouse

Helsinki North Harbor, Meritulinaukio

buildings, turned into shops and restaurants + the white Alvar Aalto building, partly showing on left. Right, a restaurant ship & the light blue Main Guard building.

Esplanade Park Mall, looking toward the South Harbor Market. Beyoynd the market is the Katajanokka neighborhood with its
Esplanade Park, Helsinki, Finland historic buildings, the Uspenskij Cathedral and an Alvar Aalto building.

Helsinki Esplanade Park & Runeberg Statue, North Esplanade, Hotel Kämp

A nice beta version 3D map of the Helsinki center.

Various Helsinki videos.  |   WEB-CAM

Nice photos of light events in the middle of the cold frigid winter. ("Illuminations of the annual light festival Lux Helsinki.") Scroll down a bit when on page.


"You gotta get a grip on your life Loretta!" GO TO HELSINKI UNIVERSITY

University attractions - visiting

Brief history of Helsinki | Brief info about Helsinki | Helsinki & Finland - history in a nutshell

Fantastic, 3D "reality mesh" map of Helsinki. You can zoom in or out, and pan.

Great HELSINKI Map page, also showing the beautiful public islands just off the city center. There is also an aerial photo"-option and an easy "distance measuring option. Very cool.

About visiting Finland. Keep scrolling down for some great photos and info.
And info about arriving in Helsinki.

Detail of the Helsinki Railway Station.
Detail of Helsinki Railway station. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

Architect Eliel Saarinen. Helsinki Railway Station detail. Architect Eliel Saarinen. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

Railway_Station_Glass_structures. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -
Helsinki Railway Station plattform with its relatively new glass & metal cover structure.

Helsinki Cathedral (Dome):
Views from House of the Estates. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

Great view from top of the Dome steps toward
Views from Helsinki Cathedral. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

Great Helsinki view: top of Dome (Cathedral) steps:
City view from Helsinki Dome. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

House of The Estates in Helsinki.
House of the estates, Helsinki. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

Across the street from the House of the Estates, sits the Bank of Finland. The image is taken close to midnight in June. Click on image for a larger version: the Bank of Finland, Suomen Pankki, Helsinki Finland
For more information about the Bank of Finland and the statue, go to our Helsinki Architecture - page.

/Helsinki, Kruununhaka Midnight sun - House Of Estates & Dome along Snellman Streeet.

Above: Midnight sun - end of June. From left to right: The steps to the House of the Estates. To the right, the Helsinki Cathedral, a.k.a. as the Lutheran Dome. The couple walking down the street have
just passed the Bank of Finland - building. Looking down along Snellmaninkatu (Snellman’s Street) toward the Senate Square (where the tram has stopped). Past the tram and down the street, you
will arrive at the South Harbor Market Square (to the left) and one end of the Esplanade Park. That whole surrounding area is now called the Tori Korttelit / Quarters (The Market Square Quarters).


Fantastic: Type in any street address and the exact location will be circled on the map.
Movable, zoomable, just great.

There is also an aerial photo"-option and an easy "distance measuring option. Very cool.

The map also shows the beautiful public islands just off the city center.

One more, printable, MAP No excuse to get lost now. :-)

Got any money left? SHOPPING MAP
You can zoom in, using your mouse. Hover over the dots on the map, and it will display the name of a store / business. If you click on a dot, information with the exact street address, telephone number and URL for the business will show in a dialog box. Nice.
It also has a "photo" option, showing you photos of different targets, like architectural sites. Hover over the text tag on the upper right corner of the map, and the tag will open up to give you more options, like displaying photos on the map. Click on the image and it will enlarge.



Terrific interactive Helsinki CULTURAL map, that shows you options like museums, buildings (like where the railway station is) & other cultural spots, like dance schools, etc.
You can choose between the "Show Map" or "Show Listing" - option.


The shopping map above does not list every  new shop or boutique. For trendier shopping / brands & occasional unique finds, we recommend
walking along Uudenmaankatu, Fredrikinkatu & Eerikinkatu (katu = street).  Periodically, these shops have great sales. Check out these examples:

Helsinki Cathedral & shop, colored by the sunset, overlooking
the Senate Square. Click image for larger view.
Helsinki Cathedral & sunset colors.
Old Postacard style version of the above image.

ASUNA Fredrikinkatu 24,
00120 Helsinki, Tel (09) 611 543  
second link

GAUDETE (Fredrikinkatukatu 35,
00120 Helsinki, Tel (09) 608 635

SAMUJI - two locations:
SAMUJI ESPA - Pohjoisesplanadi 37, 00100 Helsinki
Tel +358 40 140 3280, Email: espa@samuji.com

SAMUJI EROTTAJA Erottajankatu 9, 00130 Helsinki
Tel +358 40 350 7976, Email: erottaja@samuji.com
Samuji on fb

Also check out, in different location:
BEAMHILL Yliopistonkatu 5, 00100
Helsinki, Tel +358 (0)9 622 2653

The City Hall, on Pohjoisesplanadi, designed by Engel. Helsinki Market Square, City Hall, Dome. ALL photos and images © R.C.  Gelber 1999  - 
Built in 1833. second link | The Helsinki Dome in bgr. Many more Helsinki Dome images on our Architecture page and on our Photos 3 - page and on other pages, as it is a dominating strucutre in the old part of Helsinki.


The National Theater building, as
seen from the side entry steps to
the Helsinki Railway Station.
National_Theater_Building_Helsinki. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -

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The Dome, watching over
Samba Carnival festivities.
Helsinki Senate Square summer carnival, Helsinki Dome a.k.a. Helsinki Cathedral.

Helsinki South Harbor in the winter. View over the bay, toward Katajanokka neigborhood. The widely disliked white;"Enso house" by Alvar Aalto partly blocks the view of the a href="SouthHarbor/WintrySouthHarborUspenskiCathedralHelsinkiLg.jpg" target="_blank">South Harbor view in the winter. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2010 -
Uspenski Cathedral at left.


The "HELSINKI DESIGN DISTRICT" -link  gives you the addresses of several different shops in the Punavuori / Center area. Clothes, design, interior, jewelry, etc.


If department stores are your thing, check out STOCKMANN, "Helsinki's Bloomingdale's".

- A popular destination even among locals.



Great Images from Suomenlinna Fortress Island

Helsinki center, as seen from Torni. We are looking over Mannerheim Street, over the Old Student house (green cupola), over the Railway Station
Helsinki_City_View_From_Torni. Photo © Annu Lilja 2008 -
toward kaisaniemi Park, Kruununhaka, Hakaniemi and Kallio. The Kallio church tower, can be seen in the background, at left.

View from Särkkä island pier, after dinner at Särkänlinna restaurant. Looking at Suomenlinna fortress island (which Särkkä is a part of) shore line and its old lighthouse. Incredible light blue light of a Nordic midsummer night Suomenlinna panorama, midsummer night, Helsinki

Helsinki rooftop view: Helsinki Dome, (blue) Town Hal all the way to Finland's Presidential Palace - along North Esplanade and the South Harbor Market Square.
This image is taken from the Terrace Bar of the now closed Palace Hotel, where the staff was friendly, professional and hospitable.  We thought of it as our home in Helsinki.

These panoramas of the South Harbor Market & the North Esplanade with its buildings and the images of Helsinki's South Harbor are taken from the former Palace Hotel, which
closed on Nov.1, 2009. This was our favorite Hotel in Helsinki: no other hotel has these views, or views comparable to these. 
In the image below, you can see the SILJA LINE and VIKING LINE overnight ferries from Helsinki to Stockholm far right on both sides of the harbor.
Panorama of South Harbor. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2010 -
It takes 2.87 years to swim from New York to Helsinki. You endure extreme cold, eat uncleaned raw fish and garbage from passing ships and drink salt water. Forget about luggage. We found a better way. FINNAIR, which in exchange for money (rates fluctuate seasonally), flies you directly from JFK to Helsinki-Vantaa in seven hours, give or take. They also carry your luggage. Their food is better than garbage. Another choice is SAS, from Newark to Helsinki via either Stockholm or Copenhagen. Other airlines also offer one stop service through various cities. The Finnish word for "airplane" is "lentokone".

Helsinki South Harbor, Market Square, the Dome, Town Hall, to Finland's Presidential Palace, Uspenski Cathedral in Katajanokka neighborhood.
This image is taken from the Terrace Bar of the now closed Palace Hotel.
View from Palace Bar Terrace, toward the Market Square & Katajanokka. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 - 2011 -

Click image for a huge and a bit different image / view, with information about the area and the different buildings.

Great Helsinki images at HELSINKI 365. Also nice: MyHelsinki and Helsinki Secret - What makes Helsinki so lovable.

Kauppatori South Harbor Market Square looking toward Katajanokka and Uspenski Cathedral. The photo is taken before the ferris wheel and other construction on the Square:

Kauppatori South Harbor Market Square looking toward Katajanokka and Uspenski Cathedral

Straight ahead, KATAJANOKKA neighborhood (island) and Uspenski Cathedral, built 1868, architect: Aleksei M. Gornostajev. The white building to the right and in front of the Cathedral is the 1962 "Enso-Gutzeit headquarters building", designed by architect: Alvar Aalto.


Feed your kids to the animals at the
HELSINKI ZOO  ... and then turn
yourself in to the FINNISH POLICE


to Helsinki's music scene

Good Helsinki article / interview, with nice photos by Culture Trip.

Digital HELSINKI by Forum Virium.

A short stroll from the Market Square: The old Market Hall - Vanha Kauppahalli, Eteläranta, Helsinki.

At the end of Eteläranta you have this lovely landmark: The yellow and red Vanha Kauppahalli (Old Market Hall). Built in 1889. Architect: Gustaf Nyström. Make sure to at least stroll through it. You might decide to stop for a snack or great coffee...


The cute Finnish "Monster" hard rock band LORDI won the Eurovision song contest in 2006.

The Euro fluctuates. A good Currency Converter.

The Finnish word for "money" = "raha".
The Finnish word for "Finland" = "Suomi".

TIME in Helsinki. ("time" = aika").

Our favorite way to get around in the center area of Helsinki is to walk. But sometimes you need to use something faster than your feet.
Information about Helsinki Public Transportation: TRAMS, BUSES, the METRO.


Katarina, a shipboard Cafe in Helsinki's South Harbour. The Presidential Palace can be seen behind the front & center
Cafe Katarina ship in the South Harbor of Helsinki. Presidentialpalace in background. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 -
masts of the ship. Uspenski Cathedral sits high above the ugly Aalto building, reminding all of us of a more gracious era in architecture.

Summer night in Helsinki around midnight in June. The bridge to Katajanokka neighborhood, leads from the South Harbor to
Bridge to Katajanokka, over canal.
the North Haror. The Presidential Palace can be partly seen the to the far left of the image.

Katajanokka, facing Helsinki's North Harbor. Click for larger view. Early 20th century architecture on Katajanokka.Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 -


One of the many great things bout Helsinki is that it is quite green, and that nature is never far away. For example, the city is surrounded by many of whuch are city owned
public parks, accessible by taxi boats Below: The footbridge to the lovely Seurasaari Outdoor Museum island, a great place to visit and spend a leisurely day or afternoon.

Foot bridge To Seurasaari Outdoor Museum Island in  Helsinki, Finland

The Helsinki Cathedral, night view as seen from a side streetHelsinki Cathedral in Night Light. Photo & pop-up photo © R.C. Candolin-Gelber 1999 -

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For places to eat in Helsinki,
see our restaurant reviews,
information and links on:




The Finnish word for: "food" is "ruoka".
"restaurant" is "ravintola".
And, in Finnish, "bar" = "baari",
"music" = "musiikki", club" = "klubi",
"band" = "bändi".   Easy, right?


For beautiful cityscapes, great building & city photos with information, etc., please visit: HELSINKI ARCHITECTURE

Check out: Laila Hyttinen - Couple and Family Therapy in Helsinki.

Visit: Marcus Sandell, the talented Finnish Alpine skier

Need to have flowers delivered in Helsinki?
We have found these two flower stores good, friendly & efficient:
Etelärannan Kukka Studio
SAKURA, Munkkivuoren Kukkakauppa

Helsinki Cathedral, a.k.a. the Dome.
Side view of the Dome in Helsinki.
Click to enlarge.

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